An assessment tool for teachers saving time and effort

Written student examinations are used as a way to assess the level of knowledge of students in a particular subject. Creating, delivering and grading these examinations is a very resource consuming activity. Multiple-choice examinations can alleviate this problem to some extent but limit the depth to which a student’s knowledge can be tested.

Puzzle offers a novel approach for the




automatic grading and

reporting results of written examinations.


  • A step beyond multiple choice. Multiple choice exams are limited with respect to testing learners knowledge.


  • Accurate Assessment of students understanding and progress. Puzzle will also impact policy through promotion of academic integrity by providing a more consistent marking procedure. It does this by following re defined assessment rules.


  • Automatic grading. Written examinations are often used to assess the level of knowledge of learners in a particular subject. Creating delivering and marking these examinations is a very resource and time consuming activity which is hard to automate. Marking of examinations and assessment materials with Puzzle will remove ambiguity and inconsistencies due to human error.


  • Automated Feedback. This will help students to learn from their mistakes and incorrect responses.


  • Continuous Assessment. Lack of resources and time constraints both limit the number of assessments. By using Puzzle, teachers will be able to continuously assess students. This will allow teacher to closely follow the progress of each student and enable them to identify at an early stage students who are not performing as expected.


  • Great user Experience. The principle of the system has been tested at DMU. Results show that it is a valid pedagogical tool. It offers a nice and friendly user interface. Teachers are able to set up their exams in not time and with minimal work.


DIDACTICA’s main goal is to transform the educational sector by providing state of the art computer software to educational institutions to help teachers with their assessment tasks and students to learn.

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